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One of the biggest reasons we admire Hollywood stars walking and standing on the red carpet may be the Hollywood smile. Despite the fact that they are very different stars and have always had their own unique style, bright white, gapless, perfectly sorted teeth are a distinctive feature for them

Although a Hollywood smile has mainly aesthetic connotations, a good smile also expresses physical and mental health. During this comprehensive aesthetic dentistry procedure, many dental disorders are corrected, and people have a better image and self-confidence.

What is the Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is a procedure in which dentists identify various problems that prevent you from smiling aesthetically. The problems are typically misalignments, bruises, chipping, discolorations, gaps, etc. it involves problems. To eliminate problems, they usually use dental veneers in combination with some other treatments as needed.

Hollywood smile tooth design is a simple procedure according to its results. You will get rid of various dental problems, get the ideal tooth arrangement and color. The results of the Hollywood smile procedure look very natural and can be used for a long time without requiring more professional care.

What is the Hollywood Smile Procedure Like?

Most patients cannot get a Hollywood smile in a single session at a dental clinic. In fact, there is no fixed procedure that dentists perform for all patients. Therefore, instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, the Hollywood smile procedure is designed individually for each patient. There are various potential treatments that you can take to have a Hollywood smile.

In the Smile Design process, the smile line is analyzed in the first session. The number of crowns is determined. After the number of veneers is determined, the teeth are reduced in accordance with the crown. The shrinking teeth are measured, and veneers are prepared. The suitability of the prepared crowns is tested with several rehearsal sessions. As a result of the rehearsals, the veneers are glued to the teeth in accordance with the oral structure and the process is completed.


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