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Digital Scan (Tooth Size)

The patient comes to the clinic and a 3D scan of the teeth to be treated is performed. Thus, 3-dimensional images of teeth are obtained in a virtual environment.

Digital Design

The tooth design is done digitally based on the images provided by 3D scanning. All operations, including shaping, measuring the tooth and gums, are performed on a computer.

Digital Dental Production

Production takes place after Digital Design. Dental production is carried out using 3D scanners and printers (CAD/CAM dental milling machines) in DenTroya Clinic.

The Benefits of Digital Dentistry:

  • Dental care of the highest quality.
  • Modern techniques and tools.
  • A better experience for patients and dentists.
  • More reliable and accurate scans.
  • Faster results
  • The ability to detect dental problems before they occur.
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